My joints feel great. We added extra nutritional yeast and red pepper flakes and it came out tasting a bit like a healthy vegan ramen broth. It’s silly. Hi Hannah, I believe you would benefit from the use of any avalable sea vegetable, such as Kombu or Dulse or any other one you can find. I applaud your devotion to veganism. Thanks, You certainly can, Vicky! This 3-ingredient, 1-pot recipe yields flavorful bone broth perfect for soups, sauces, and more. Let’s start with something simple and straight forward. I am curious what research you have done. Yikes!! I so appreciate it. I make stock regularly, even from the roots from plants like Swiss chard, which is delicious – looking fwd to more from this site – looking for a newsletter if you have one. Omg love this! Of course, the potential and the practicality are different things, and I’ve no idea if they would work nutritionally. Amiee, what can one use in place of the Shiitake mushrooms and seaweed? Cooking fresh vegetables in broth adds flavor to them without adding fat. Thanks Jenn! I think this is an excellent broth but please coming from a Nutrition expert and one that has helped hundreds overcome leaky gut in the past 12 years – this broth will NOT provide the same healing as a bone broth or collagen/gelatin. Further, ingredients such as nightshades are irritating to many people and should NOT be in a gut healing broth. The point I’m making is that plants can offer the amino acids to build collagen in the body. It’s like you’ve written this article just for me! Thank you for your time and effort to put this online. I find a great reason to make veg broth, then look at the ingredients. Most supermarkets will sell dried mushrooms – if you can’t find shiitake, try porcini or a mixture of dried mushrooms. I mention at least twice that if you can’t find any ingredients (or you don’t like certain ingredients) you can simply leave them out or swap them for something else. All I can say is Yum!! All the ‘sane’ arguments in favor of not-eating animal by-products for religious or ethical reasons, I am in full agreement with, even though I am a meat eater myself. I’m not too familiar with juicing, but I don’t see why you couldn’t give the scraps a try. But I think if you just put in vegetable stock plus the oil, it should come out close enough. The collagen peptides is what you would want to use as it dissolves and doesn’t gel). Not ew to the recipe ew to these nasty comments. I came on here to find out about vegetable broth because i am interested in finding new ways to cook and become healthy. Bone marrow actually contains 96% fat – and it’s where animals concentrate toxins. You correctly pointed out the issues with Wakame but what about Spinach which is dangerous for anyone with goiters, or kale which can cause a compromised digestive system gas as its very hard to break down, black pepper is also another problem for healing guts as it is a stimulant and the chili’s being a nightshade is a known inflammatory. Also, consuming animal fat has omega 3’s that are pre-converted for you into EPA and DHA. I want to say I’M SORRY! Not only are you getting all of what’s in the marrow (hence the long slow cooking or pressure cooking), you get the gelatin, and all of those connective tissues and all of that. THIS was amazing. The nutrients of bone broth utilize minerals in very different ways, it is synergistic They are quite different. There are many other foods that have been shown to contribute towards healing the stomach lining and digestive tract, such as seaweed, aloe vera, healthy fats and turmeric. DIY Natural™ is a trademark of The Jabs Group, LLC. It’s scary watching so many people turn to these diets but they’ll learn just as I did. Most of the ads I see throughout this article are for the National Academy of Sports Nutrition because that’s what I was looking at earlier today. Oils for fats are like refined sugar of carbs. Ive made another version a year ago when I also wanted the healing broth but vegan, this recipe is way more in depth. Homemade broth is rich in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and other minerals. Although not totally vegan, I’m always looking for ways to introduce more plant-based meals into my diet. I do still make chicken bone broth but I do much better and feel much better with vegetarian meals and rice. It should be stated why these ingredients are good for the gut and from what science you know it from. I used gut-healing ingredients such as wakame seaweed which has been found to strengthen gut mucus (improving digestion and absorption – great for leaky gut), amino acid-rich foods (which is what helps our bodies create collagen, if and when we need it for repair), anti-inflammatory turmeric (to soothe inflammation in the gut), healthy fats (to help absorb vitamins) plus some generally vitamin and mineral-rich foods which all help towards repairing the gut. Stop making yourself ridiculous. Carbs are good tho, just best to stick to unrefined. Thanks, Danielle. Seems ridiculous to me. Good luck to you!!! Aren’t amino acids denatured above body temperature? Do you think about all the chemicals on your fruit that have killed animals? If I have, I apologize. However, you can choose to eat a vegetarian or vegan diet if you wish (except for the small portion of people who are unable to get the required protein from plant sources and must eat meat to survive, yes they exist). Trying to prep for a competition and don’t want to throw off my macros!!! Kombu is whqt you use to make dashi. Author of 'Great British Vegan', « One-Pot Ratatouille Spaghetti (Vegan + GF). Like I said, I’m not vegan so both of these are foreign to me, but most of the other ingredients aren’t thankfully. I have two autoimmune diseases and major gut issues. Cooling the stock like this lets the fat separate to the top and solidify. I just said that our bodies make collagen, we don’t have to consume it for our bodies to make it. Or use it powdered. The whole point of this article is to offer an alternative and I find it distasteful that you would claim that it will not help leaky gut. I agree. raw vs. cooked egg white). From what i have tead lentils in particular have very high levels. The fact is, humans are omnivorous. A nutritious, gut-healing broth as a vegan alternative to bone broth. As a fellow blogger, its nice to see others take a real interest in the health and wellness of others. The human body has evolved to eat an omnivorous diet. This is largely irrelevant anyway because the proteins will be broken down by your stomach enzymes into amino acids so denaturing doesn’t really matter. Thank you for the recipe, I will love to try it! and since you’ve been using this recipe how is your leaky gut healing? I did this when I made veggie broth and ended up with two soups instead of one. I also love your information on this crazy bone broth craze. It is truly nature’s ultimate healing solution! However up till now I’ve never had the hard facts to back myself up on that one – your article has give me those, so very grateful! And it was clear the author was missing important information on nutrients and what bone broth offers, which also makes her hard to take seriously. That is my understanding anyway. Do you think it’s absolutely necessary to cook this for an hour, or do you think I could possibly try a batch in my Instant Pot for, say, 15 minutes? I am studying holistic nutrition and during my studies, there is nothing than I can read about vegetable collagen. Now, I will admit that in the process of giving up animal-based foods, I also switched to a mostly whole-foods diet. So seaweed can be found in health food shops, in the world food aisle at some supermarkets, Asian food shops and online. I don’t know how much to add, I just toss it in until it feels/tastes right, haha. I added a teaspoon or so of organic red miso to each mug and it was fantastic. Hi Autumn – love that name! If you have a friend who has chickens, offer this. The astragalus bark is another one that you’ll get in dried strips, and you’ll want to wrap them up/strain them out. And “bone broth is nothing special”? The bone broth will actually heal your insides and ease your transition back to meat. Tomatoes, cabbage, cauliflower, mushrooms, leeks, kale – it’s all fair game. Before you start preaching how bad bone broth is for you because of all the so called toxins and heavy metals in bone marrow. No. By the way, I found the discussion very interesting. Wow it looks like there are a lot of nutritionists here reading the comment section? Hope that helps people who might. The ads from the ad network run off things you’ve been researching on your own computer so, it’s not the author’s choice but is auto-generated based on your browsers history, cookies, etc. In the meantime, the sad and grim reality is that billions of chickens and pigs are slaughtered each year around the world, to feed the insatiable cravings of far too many meat-loving human beings like myself. I highly recommend finding local farmers whom you trust (farmer’s markets and local food co-ops are great places to start! I’ve been vegan for 5 years and wouldn’t have any other way. :). My two children get serious stomach aches and have lots of food sensitivities, so we’ve finally started the GAPS diet. Amazing site btw. 775 LUCKILY, THERE ARE NOW VEGAN EPA AND DHA SUPPLEMENTS! In fact, I end up using the broth to make soups. or so of sesame oil, a spoonful of tamarind extract and half a cube of chicken stock, just because I wanted it to taste like a non-veg stock juuuust a bit. Quick and easy to make. They would only source their ingredients from 100% grass fed humanely raised animals who are not treated with hormones, antibiotics, or other chemicals. I notice you have two pictures. Hope you enjoy! Just add some extra nutritious veggies, if you like :-), Mushrooms of all kinds are beneficial to thyroid, whether hypo- or hyper- ,,, the shiitakes are a really good choice here,,, so if the seaweed is offensive to your situation, just leave it out. Wow! For anyone reading these comments, I don’t recommend Nori for adding to a soup or broth. Thank you so much – I can’t wait to see/read your other gut healing recipes! Thank you. I second this question! It is SO comforting. Great info and written in such a well and clear headed way as to be truly informative. I never mentioned vegetable collagen. I will forever keep this recipe in my rotation. ❤️. (I’m in New Zealand, and it’s smack in the middle of winter here now, so perfect timing to discover this post and your wonderful blog, Aimee!) Also what kind of quantities of these extra goodies should I be adding to this recipe? There’s no other food substance on our planet that can produce the same kind of amazing and potent; while being completely scientifically backed, anti-inflammatory benefits, as can bone brothing; for both your body and brain. Sarah is a writer, recipe developer, traveler, gardener, and lover of (almost) all things outdoors. Anyways, delicious broth + all ingredients are so beneficial/nourishing. I love it by it self and also as a base for other soups. Left out the dried wakame seaweed and coconut aminos. It’s got a strong ‘fishy-sea’ taste and I think it would add an unwelcomed flavour to the broth. You could always brown the onions for deeper color and flavor but I don’t think it’s really necessary. Funny, but ever so sad: when we were in Vietnam, if you have a stomach ailment or you feel under the weather, they prescribe DOG SOUP!…. It has completely revered much of the pain I have had in my gut and eating patterns. At least where I live. These same dieticians recommend “crap” highly processed food to hospitalized patients – sad. I’ve been drinking bone broth from bones for years and I can promise you if you use quality bones, it’s life changing. All vegans are so disallusioned by what is reality, that they can never see the cruelty of the natural animal world that slaughters other animals, including humans, if given the chance – so they too can survive. What about this recipe has been shown to be good for the gut? oh god here we go with the holier than thou mentality. I look forward to this option. Thank you for posting. The vegetable aminos do the same thing , they provide you with the aminos so that you can build your own collagen and no animals hurt. Do you have any updated thoughts as well? Is there any use for the strained veggies? Additionally, the added antibiotics and hormones the meat source receives can also add to your toxic load. Sorry! It seems a waste to throw them out (and I don’t have access to composting). i am studying my bachelor in health science, obviously including Anatomy & Physiology- so have a good understanding of the benefits we are gaining from breaking down the bones for 12 or so hours. Even so, it´s probably a pleasant thing to drink and I would imagine very comforting in winter. What all these non nutrition experts fail to acknowledge is that there are alot of elements in food that we haven´t even discovered yet, so I would be taking any ¨discussions¨ by non-qualified persons as fiction. Remember, it freezes really well and you can also use it in soups, risottos, stews etc. How many of you think the only good snake is a dead snake or how about a mouse? The list of added ingredients in non-organic meats is long and filled with polysyllabic chemicals most people can’t even pronounce. I try not to judge, because there’s no diet to fit everyone’s needs and we’re all individual. cool, ok. I’ve tried chicken and turkey but the heart related symptoms came back. A company called Essential Cuisine do a fantastic Veg Stock! Oh thank you!! compassion to you and all reading this. I probably should have eaten the veggies too. I learned about carrageenan and its potentially harmful affects to the gut after looking for ways to heal my gut since recently suffering a horrible bout of colitis that has changed my digesting drastically. First…the smell….oh goodness lovely, I put everything in the crockpot all night and got to wake up to my son saying, “mama something’s delicious.” Yes, delicious indeed. Any kind of stinging nettle will work. I would be so thrilled if that could move me closer to seeing my food sensitivities improved which would be proof my gut is actually healing.

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