So, should your children decide to major in theatre, dance, visual arts, or music, be supportive of them. It also helps us to see both the pieces and the whole, and how the pieces come together to create the whole. Also often arising are deeper looks into history, and how cause and effect have played out. 135. My College Guide defines a liberal arts education in Julie Bogart’s What Are Liberal Arts?. Since time immemorial, art has existed as long as man has. Value education is the process by which people give moral values to each other. How should we account for this formula? Even if Jane will never be a professional dancer, or Tommy a professional musician, they’ll be hard-pressed to find a 21st century career, one that provides a sufficient and stable income, without those skills. It enables learners to use and understand the properties of a wide range of tools, machines, materials and systems. From a financial standpoint the question is a valid one: parents want to know that their investment in their child’s future is going to lead to gainful employment and prevent him/her from returning home and living on their couch after graduation. The value of the arts is often measured in terms of human creativity against instrumental rationality, while art for art's sake defends against a utility of art. The University of Mississippi campus is full of opportunities for students to refine their skill set, gain valued experiences, and learn about themselves and the world around them – the essense of a liberal arts education. As a university administrator and associate professor, I frequently interact with parents who visit our campus with respective students. I then developed a keener awareness of Native American cultural trauma, and interest in helping to repair that pain, in any way I might be able, which stills very much exists today. In the words of Neil DeGrasse Tyson, director of the Hayden Planetarium at the Rose Center for Earth and Space (NYC) and world-renowned astrophysicist, “Creating art builds the human capacity to imagine, the seeds of innovation.” With a structured space to create art, one learns to mold imagination into something concrete, something to fulfill a certain aim. In order to negotiate, to come together with others toward a common end, that’s essential. This article highlights the efforts of Hewlett Packard as the organization has engaged Trey McIntyre Project, a dance company, to help employees learn about creative process and its potential in the workplace. Dance allows students the opportunity to express themselves, their feelings through movement, and gives them a level of confidence in their own skin that will carry them through the more challenging times in their lives (adolescence and the like), learning to play a musical instrument or taking voice lessons, not only enhances students' musicality, but also supports their math and social development, and visual arts allows students another form of communication and interpretation. There is a continuing debate about the value of a liberal arts education. The projects demonstrate how the students are able to think outside of the box and create their own opportunities within the arts. Values educatio… By directing prospective students and parents to such resources, it enables them to peruse career profiles and their accompanying qualifications. The inward/outward looking nature of the field of philosophy ofeducation alluded to above makes the task of delineating the field, ofgiving an over-all picture of the intellectual landscape, somewhatcomplicated (for a detailed account of this topography, see Phillips1985, 2010). In a world that can feel so divided and unpredictable, arts education can help us move forward together — as many, and as one. Being a professional artist I have worked with many other successful artist. Education makes a person human and distinguishes him from other animals. In sum, training in the arts can help create a society more grounded in things that lead us to greater meaningful creativity, clearer understanding of self and other, and the skills to put those understandings into useful action. Hair and makeup are just a part of being a dancer. The Practical Value of Arts Education By Jack Van Zandt / March 22, 2007 11. Again, little Jane and Tommy will be hard-pressed to find a career in which they won’t need those skills. Why does that all matter? There's no doubt students are being shortchanged when it comes to developing creative thinkers in the current curricula. In its broadest of terms, it’s an education that provides an overview of the arts, humanities (the study of the human condition), social sciences, mathematics and natural sciences. The arts are truly an economic engine. Well, lo and behold, that's what happened. I majored in theatre. I am entertainment art director and photographer who makes a very comfortable living in creative fields that I enjoy! Amiria. The Value of a Liberal Arts Education in Today's Global Marketplace. According to Powney et al. A similar sentiment was discussed in "The value of a liberal-arts education spurs major debate," a recent article in The Columbus Dispatch. Dr. Stephanie L. Milling . A critical challenge for arts education has been a lack of empirical evidence that demonstrates its educational value. Your... There’s going to be a lot of talk this January about making up for... Dance Informa is the industry's online dance magazine and news service. The one question that is always interesting to field is, “What will my child be able to do with a degree in (fill in your respective arts area here)?”. Methodologies . Is it a special talent of yours? It does need defenders; we must make it clear to our elected officials and fellow citizens what we value, and why, in order to protect those things. and varieties of evaluation. A range of resources supports teachers in interpreting the achievement objectives and implementing the curriculum. Most of them, including the schools in the San Jose Unified School District, don’t even come close. I told her that I’d rather do something that I loved and feed my soul. Hire a subject expert to help you with Importance of Art in Our Life. First-generation students are finding personal and professional fulfillment in the humanities and social sciences. Theatre can bring a shy child out of his/her shell or teach him/her how to have empathy for others. Those are building blocks of analysis, of creating argument, of recognizing and, when appropriate, framing rhetoric. They’ve been proven to boost a child’s self-image. In terms of artists' ability to get a job in the work force: the arts generated $135.2 billion of economic activity, and that was in a down economy in 2010....and it's nonprofit arts activity. 4shares Facebook0 Twitter0 Pinterest4 StumbleUpon0 TumblrThe common conception that people have about creative things like art is that it is more for pleasing the senses than anything else. While there are specific long-standing careers in the arts and arts-related professions, recent discussions in higher education circles and news media have revolved around arts entrepreneurship and innovation. $35.80 for a 2-page paper. The value of a practical education 4 minute read A few weeks ago, I was reading Jerry Pournelle’s thoughts on debt and higher education.The comments were prompted by Joseph Rago’s Wall Street Journal editorial describing a lawsuit by former Dartmouth professor Priya Venkatesan, who argues that her students created a hostile working environment for her in a freshman composition class. Not in the same way, because there isn’t the same probing of human emotion, cognition, motivation. On that note, training in the arts is an incredibly powerful shaper of empathy. I feed my soul by doing something that I love. Your email address will not be published. At the International Council of Fine Arts Deans conference that I attended in October, James Undercofler, Artistic Director of the National Orchestral Institute at the University of Maryland and special advisor to Ithaca College’s new MA in Entrepreneurship in the Arts, spoke about how today’s arts students are inventing their own careers. I majored in theatre. Firstly he assumes art as a product of the drive to achieve the immortality; secondly he believes that art would provide practical benefits by serving to reason and virtue in the social life. ARTSblog holds week-long Blog Salons, a series of posts by guest bloggers, that focus on an overarching theme within a core area of Americans for the Arts' work. Instead, I point them to resources that will help them expand their perspective of the possible career options for those with arts backgrounds and discuss the transferable skills that students learn within the arts. Values education therefore promotes tolerance and understanding above and beyond our political, cultural and religious differences, putting special emphasis on the defence of human rights,the protection of ethnic minorities and the most vulnerable groups, and the conservation of the environment. Imagine a family doing its best to make ends meet. 132. 9. Making the connection between a college major, a prospective job in the field, and the professional networks that exist for various arts-related professions is one way of helping people understand that individuals in the arts do work and contribute to the functioning of industry in a variety of ways. I can remember (translation: I am reminded by my mother frequently :) the time that I told her that I was going to major in theatre. I told her that I'd rather do something that I loved than feed my soul. In life ‘knowing how’ is just as important as ‘knowing that’.

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