Pack dates are usually a day or two before the actual pickup date of your shipment. March 22, 2018. Check with your transportation office for your authorized weight allowance and ensure that your baggage is under that weight. PCS'ing Live PCS: Unaccompanied Baggage Pickup Was Today! Feb 1, 2015 - Our Unaccompanied Baggage/Express shipment gets picked up tomorrow morning between 0800 and 1000. Both can be difficult or expensive to obtain overseas. So, think carefully about how you choose those 1,000 pounds of necessities. Jun 5, 2014 - Overseas PCS - Unaccompanied Baggage aka Express Shipment - World Traveling Military Family Employees can choose an accompanied tour (with family) or unaccompanied tour (without family) while serving in Japan. The torturous inner dialogue within ourselves is, “Do I look, or do I wait?”. We also take a look at my Unaccompanied baggage! These cookies do not store any personal information. Does anybody know about the time frames? I will be documenting my entire PCS journey from Hawaii to North Carolina, throughout the following weeks. Sure it’s tempting to wait within the month of a PCS because of all the planning involved. Doing this was one of the best decisions I made during the move. Overseas PCS - Unaccompanied Baggage aka Express Shipment - World Traveling Military Family. 4. It’s ok to have your baggage unaccompanied when LuggageFree ships it ahead for you. Accompanied baggage is not part of the traveler’s household goods weight allowance. Don't get stuck at the airport having to pay the airline's excess baggage charges – use World Baggage, the excess baggage specialists! If you have an upcoming PCS move overseas, you can take 1,000 pounds of unaccompanied baggage by air, which means those are the items that will arrive first. The Aviano Air Base Newcomer's PCS Guide provides information on shipping Household Goods (HHG), Personally Procured Move (PPM), Unaccompanied Baggage (UB), Pro-Gear, and more. Make certain that you, or someone who can act in your name, is available at your new home on delivery day. 6. If you have a baby, a crib may be part of this shipment. This fact sheet from … Should You Put Your Money into a Roth IRA or a Roth TSP?  If assigned to unfurnished Government quarters, then unaccompanied baggage is limited to 2,000 lbs or the administrative weight limit, whichever is less. World Traveling Military Family. It's madness, I tell you, madness! Saved by Mrs. B. At World Baggage, we've taken the pain and stress out of sending your unaccompanied baggage around the World. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. If you are going overseas, you should begin to plan what items you will take in your unaccompanied baggage, in your household goods shipment, and what might need to go into permanent storage. 054304 for more detailed information on HHG weight allowances for civilian employees. Typically your unaccompanied baggage will be available to you within 35 to 60 days of shipment. The … August 3, 2018 - Moving to Italy doesn't have to mean starting over from scratch. Live PCS: Unaccompanied Baggage Pickup Was Today! We have always chosen to use this option! Step 14: Select your unaccompanied baggage for overseas military moves. Right in your inbox. 372 likes. What is Unaccompanied Baggage/ an Express Shipment? linens, towels, kitchen utensils, etc.). Recommend mailing ahead of time or carrying in your luggage Bedding – Sheets, blankets, pillows. There are no 'check in' queues, no 'oversize' restrictions, no unexpected charges, or last minute repacking of your suitcase at the airport check in counter. We were allotted up to 1,000 lbs, ours was about 500-600 lbs. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. If you are ordered on a PCS move from, or between OCONUS locations, you are on a ship that changes homeport, or when specific conditions, such as time or physical constrictions, are met dealing with CONUS to CONUS moves the government may ship your Privately Owned Vehicle (POV) for you. Unaccompanied baggage; professional books, papers, and equipment; and medical equipment may be shipped in addition to the weight limitation. HEY eFriends, So we got our military unaccompanied baggage. You may ship personal property anytime after you receive your official orders/authorization.

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