In 2004, Megadeth reunited and released The System Has Failed. So Far, So Good… So What (2004, Capitol, 7243 5 79874 24, EU) (1985), sold very well for an independent release, and the group attracted the attention of major record labels. Label: Various | Genre: Speed-Thrash Metal, After he left Metallica in 1983, guitarist/vocalist Dave Mustaine formed the thrash metal quartet Megadeth. 1999. More Deth (2001, Sanctuary, SANDJ-85509-2, USA, Promo), 2004. 1992. That One Night. 1992. 1999. 1996. Back To The Start (2005, EMI-Capitol, 7234 8 73929 2 2, USA) 1990. Peace Diffs… But Who’s Mixing [MFN, Langley-021, UK], 1987. 1985. Cryptic Writings (1997, Capitol, CDAS 118, UK, Promo) Risk (2004, Capitol 7243 5 79878 20, EU), 2001. Breadline (1999, Capitol, DPRO 7086 6 13875 2 0, USA, Promo) 1988. Train Of Consequences (1994, Capitol, CDCLDJ 730, UK, Promo) Anarchy In France (27.06.97, Paris) [Midnight Beat, MB CD 136-37, 2CD], 1997. 1994. So Far, So Good… So What (2004, EMI, Promo) 1996. 1994. Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying (1987, Toshiba-EMI, CP32-5400, Japan) Killing Is My Business (2002, Loud, 9046-2, USA, Expanded Ed) Megadeth's first major-label album, Peace Sells... but Who's Buying?, was released in 1986. 1999. Sweating Bullets (1992, Capitol, CDCLDJ 682, UK) 1990. United In The South (29.05.2008, Buenos Aires) [Lost And Found, LAF550~551, 2CD], 2012. 1997. Mustaine's Megadeth torpedoed through the starting gate with albums that corralled bottled up, suburban teen male angst and exploded it onto vinyl. (01&04.11.2007, Tokio) [Voltage Rec., VT-18~19~20, 3CD], 2008. Risk (1999, Capitol, Promo) That quibble aside, Greatest Hits does give you … Fuckin’ PA…and You Are the Fired!! 2007. Crush ’em (1999, Capitol, DPRO 7087 6 13846 2 8, USA, Promo), 1999. 1994. That One Night. EAC Rip | 265xCD + 5xDVD | FLAC Tracks & Image + Cue + Log | Full Scans Included Maximum Megadeth (1991, Capitol, DPRO-79757, USA, Promo), 1992. 1995. Show that you are a fan of the iconic metal band with a Megadeth T-Shirt! Roadrunner Records. Recording Industry Association of America, "Dave Mustaine suffers serious injury, announces departure from Megadeth; Group disbanding after nearly 20 years together", "Queens of the Stone Age Get First No. Find similar artists to Megadeth and discover new music. Is It Anyways (2011, Roadrunner, Promo), 2013. Released in 1990, at an incredible time of flux and creativity in the rock world, Rust in Peace still stands as one the greatest metal albums ever made. Before the recording of the band's third album, Mustaine fired Poland and Samuelson; they were replaced by Jeff Young and Chuck Behler, respectively. 2008. I will reply and fix as soon as possible. 1992. 1992. Albums by Megadeth. 2013. 2016. Greatest Hits. Th1rt3en (2011, Warner Music, WPCR-14211, Japan), 2013. Sweating Bullets (1992, Capitol, CDCL 682, UK) 1994. 1988. Genres: Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal, Speed Metal. Cryptic Writings (2004, Capitol, 7243 5 98625 21, USA) Symphony Of Destruction (1992, Capitol, 8801162, Holland) Among the thousands of metal albums released in the decade, here are our choices for the very best …   2005. Youthanasia (1994, Toshiba-EMI, TOCP-8397, Japan) Rude Awakening (2002, Sanctuary, 06076-86334-2, USA, CD+DVD) This song would later receive a video and be banned by MTV. Megadeth - No More Mr. Nice Guy Album: Shocker (Soundtrack) Year: 1989 Genre: Heavy Metal Origin: USA 80's Metal Forever. Sweating Bullets (1992, Capitol, DPRO-79592, USA, Promo) Black Shadows (1994, Okland) [Home Rec., HR 5935- 3, Italy], 1994. #Heavy Metal . ALLE ALBEN VON; MEGADETH: 15: Studio-Alben; 4: Greatest Hits-Alben / Compilations; 2: Live-Alben = 282 Tracks; Megadeth - alle Songs anzeigen. So Far, So Good… So What (2013, Toshiba-EMI, TOCP-95118, Japan, SHM-CD), 1990. The album starts off promising (although a bit like a Judas Priest album rather than Megadeth) with the blistering intro guitar riff to “Kingmaker”. 1995. Later that year, Mustaine fired Young and Behler and replaced them with guitarist Marty Friedman and drummer Nick Menza. it's : promo cd, advance cd, huge collection of japanese imports, radio edit, single, maxi cd, test pressing, box set and very rare items. Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying (2011, Toshiba-EMI, 71102~03, Japan, 2CD, 25th Ann) 2002. The quality was hit and miss in the latter part of the '90s, but by the 2000s they had righted the ship. 1992. Friday 13 (13.06.97, Arizona & 27.06.92, Denmark) [Kobra Rec., KRHM 18], 1998. The Originals (1997, EMI, 7243 8 55968 2 7, UK, 3CD), 2007. 2001. Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying (1987, Capitol, CDP 7 46370 2, USA) Killing Is My Business (1986, MFN, CD MFN 46, France) 1985. Though Megadeth followed the basic blueprint of Metallica’s relentless attack, Mustaine’s group distinguished themselves from his earlier band by lessening the progressive rock influences, adding an emphasis on instrumental skills, speeding up the tempo slightly, and making the instrumental attack harsher. The Right To Go Insane (2009, Roadrunner, RR Promo 1204, USA, Promo), 2011. Return To Hanger 18 (01.07.2000, California) [Bondage Music, BON 201], 2001. 1986. After signing with Sanctuary Records, the group debuted their new lineup on The World Needs a Hero (2001). Killing Is My Business (1987, MFN, CD MFN 46, UK) Almost Honest (1997, Capitol, Cryptic 001, UK, Promo) [1] The singles "Train of Consequences" and "A Tout le Monde", reached the top 30 on the US Mainstream Rock chart. Symphony Of Destruction (1997, Capitol, C2 7243 8 58602 2 5, USA, Promo), 1993. United Abominations (2007, Roadrunner, RRCY-21285, Japan), 2009. 1995. Hard Rock & Heavy Metal. Today at 8:39 AM. Live Trax (1997, Toshiba-EMI, TOCP-50355, Japan), 1997. During a January 9th session of the Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy Camp Masterclass, Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine leaked the following information about his band's forthcoming 16th studio album, which will be the follow-up to Dystopia, released in 2016. Crush ’em (1999, Capitol, DPRO 7087 6 13807 2 9, USA, Promo) 1992. and write your comment below. Breadline (2000, Toshiba-EMI, TOCP-65388, Japan), 1999. [3] The following three studio albums (released through Roadrunner Records), United Abominations (2007), Endgame (2009), and Thirteen (2011) peaked at number 8, number 9, and number 11, respectively, on the Billboard 200. [1] Megadeth's debut album Killing Is My Business... and Business Is Good! 1985. Their lyrics deal with Scary deaths, violence, political secretive issues etc. A Tout Le Monde (1995, Capitol, Hidden 1, UK), 1995. 1995. Countdown To Extinction (2013, Toshiba-EMI, TOCP-95120, Japan, SHM-CD), 1994. Killing Is My Business (1987, Combat, ZK 90843, Canada) 1999. Though Megadeth's glory days were in the '80s and early '90s, some of their later albums were also really good. Smegma Breath (05.29.88, 03.06.87) [Metal Memory, MM 90035, Italy], 1992. 2013. The 1st 3 albums: Killing Is My Business, Peace Sells and So Far, So Good are flawless slices of speed metal perfection - but avoid the 2004 remasters like the plague as they smooth off the edges just a tad too far and distract from the raw energy and aggression of the original releases. The following year Megadeth released Hidden Treasures, an EP that featured previously released non-album tracks, including soundtrack and compilation songs. Youthanasia (2013, Toshiba-EMI, TOCP-95121, Japan, SHM-CD), 1996. Hidden Treasures (1995, Capitol, CDP 8 33670 2, USA) Today at 6:34 PM. Live In San Francisco [Taurus Rec., Tau 117, Italy], 1992. name; rating; added date; year; songs count; All(494) Album(49) EP(11) Split(1) Single(43) Group Compilation(28) Demo(2) Live(14) OST(25) Mixtape(1) DJ Mix(1) Bootleg(86) Compilation(118) Unofficial Compilation(115) April 15, 1984 - The Keystone - Berkeley, California, USA. Cryptic Writings (1997, Toshiba-EMI, TOCP-50211, Japan) Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying (2013, Toshiba-EMI, TOCP-95117, Japan, SHM-CD), 1988. 1999. Like A Tornado (16.10.92, Genk) [Sledgethammer Rec., HR 30003, Germany], 1992. Symphony Of Destruction (1992, Capitol, C2-15870, USA) The following year, Risk was released, and was a critical and commercial failure. Train Of Consequences (1994, Capitol, 7243 8 81842 2 9, UK) System Failure In Detroit (17.11.2004, Detroit) [FM Radio Broadcast, Japan, 2CD], 2004. Mustaine was promoted by Reggie Almeida from Gracie Barra Spring Hill in … Megadeth started the tour in November and went on for 11 months, the longest Megadeth tour to date. A Tout Le Monde (1995, Capitol, C2 7243 8 82 002 2 6, Holland) 1992. 2007. Megadeth’s best album is also one of the best metal albums of all time. So Far, So Good… So What (1988, Capitol, D 102009, USA) 1989. 1999. For albums released between 1997 and 2016: This page was last edited on 9 January 2021, at 10:15. [1] The release scored the band's highest-charting single to date, "Trust", which peaked at number 5 on the Mainstream Rock chart. Warchest (2007, EMI-Capitol, 509995 03187 28, USA, 4CD+DVD), 1989. Live (2010, Universal, UIBY-1068, Japan, SHM-CD, CD+DVD), 2013. Killing Is My Business (2009, Century Media, 9962302, Germany) Rust in Peace is the fourth studio album by American thrash metal band Megadeth. 1985. Countdown To Extinction (1992, Capitol, CDP 7 98531 2, USA) A Tout Le Monde (1995, Capitol, C2 7243 8 82001 2 7, Holland) Megabox Single Collection (1993, Toshiba-EMI, TOCP 7591~95, Japan, 5CD), 1997. Later that month, Megadeth appeared on Letterman supporting the album and playing "A Tout Le Monde". By the early ’90s, they had toned their music down slightly, yet that simply increased their following; all of their proper ’90s albums debuted in the Top Ten.― Allmusic, 1985. Rules | Disclaimer & DMCA | © 2021 Lossless Music Archives, Label: Various | Genre: Speed-Thrash Metal, (1985, Combat, 88561-8015-2, Japan For USA), (1992, Armando Curcio Editor, HM-03, Italy), (2002, Sony, SICP 93, Japan, Expanded Ed), (2011, EMI-Capitol, 5099902933924, EU, 4CD+HiRes, 25th Ann), (2011, EMI-Capitol, USA, 4CD, 25th Ann, Promo), (2011, Toshiba-EMI, 71102~03, Japan, 2CD, 25th Ann), (2013, Toshiba-EMI, TOCP-95117, Japan, SHM-CD), (2013, Toshiba-EMI, TOCP-95118, Japan, SHM-CD), (1990. Killing Is My Business (2013, Sony, SICP 30398, Japan, BSCD2), 1986. 1990. 1992. 1999. Megadeth (engl., Ableitung von megadeath; deutsche Übersetzung etwa: Megatote, Maßeinheit für die Zahl der Todesopfer bei einem nuklearen Angriff; 1 Megadeath = 1 Million Tote) ist eine amerikanische Metalband, die 1983 von Sänger und Gitarrist Dave Mustaine, Gitarrist Greg Handevidt, Bassist David Ellefson und Schlagzeuger Dijon Carruthers gegründet wurde. STUDIO ALBUMS | LIVE ALBUMS | COMPILATIONS | BOX SETS | SINGLES & EPs | BOOTLEGS Sweating Bullets (1992, Capitol, CD CLXDJ 682, Promo) 1999. 1992. 1994. Mitte der 80er Jahre erschütterte die Thrash Metal Explosion die Musikwelt und brachte u. Killing Is My Business (1994, Sony, SRCS 7549, Japan) Almost Honest (1997, Capitol, DPRO 7087 6 12070 2 6, USA, Promo), 1997. Sweating Bullets (1992, Capitol, 7243 8 80492 2 1, Holland) Symphony Of Destruction (1992, Toshiba-EMI, TOCP-7345, Japan) Killing Is My Business (2002, Sony, SICP 93, Japan, Expanded Ed) Flashback to the 80's. Foreclosure Of A Dream (1992, Capitol, 0724 3 880298 2 7, Holland) 1984. A. die legendäre Band Megadeth hervor. Set The World Afire (2008, EMI, USA, 2CD, Promo CD) Countdown To Extinction. Cryptic Writings (1998, Toshiba-EMI, TOCP-50520~21, Japan, 2CD) Rust In Peace (2013, Toshiba-EMI, TOCP-95119, Japan, SHM-CD), 1992. Rust In Peace (1990, Capitol, CDP 7 91935 2, USA) Live In Brasil 1991 (23.01.91, Rio) [IMC Music Ltd., IMA 104193, Dutch]. Plodding, banal and lacking testicular fortitude, it was a half-arsed attempt to strip things down to hard rock basics and, one or two half-decent tunes aside… Cryptic Sounds (1998, Toshiba-EMI, TOCP-61001, Japan), 1998. Youthanasia (1994, Capitol, CDP 8 29004 2, USA) Diese Diskografie ist eine Übersicht über die musikalischen Werke der US-amerikanischen Metal-Band Megadeth.Sie besteht aus 15 Studioalben, sieben Livealben, sechs Kompilationen, drei EPs und 43 Singles. Risk (1999, Capitol, CDP 7243 4 99134 0 0, USA, Promo) Symphony Of Destruction (30.09.92, London) [9 20930- 2], 1993. Th1rt3en (2011, Roadrunner, 1686-177002, USA) Use The Man (1998, Capitol, DPRO 7087 6 12816 2 0, USA, Promo), 1999. The 1980s saw the explosion of metal into the mainstream, with tons of bands getting radio and MTV airplay. Symphony of Dissection (Analysis): Super Colliderfeels like a band that normally has a very strong identity suddenly struggling to find itself. Each album they released went at least gold, and they continually sold out arenas across America, in addition to developing a strong following overseas. Megadeth's first major-label album, Peace Sells... but Who's Buying?, was released in 1986. Megadeth — “Hangar 18” Before conspiracy theories had the Internet to spread them, Rust in Peace warned about Hangar 18, the warehouse where … A Secret Place (1998, Capitol, DPRO 7087 6 12870 2 8, USA, Promo), 1998. Risk (1999, SFX, 00023, USA, Promo), 2000. Insomnia (1999, Capitol, DPRO 7087 6 13815 2 8, USA, Promo) Password: Since Megadeth released so many albums for Capitol, there's never room here for more than two tracks per album: Peace Sells, Rust in Peace, Countdown to Extinction, and Youthanasia get two representations, the rest get only one. 1988. 1990. Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good 3. 1997. 1986. Countdown To Extinction (1992, Toshiba-EMI, TOCP-7164, Japan) It debuted at number 6 on the Billboard chart, becoming the band's highest-charting album since 1994's Youthanasia. Capitol, CDP 7 91935 2, USA by EMI MFG.) These Boots 5. Live In Buenos Aires (2007, Image, ID3082LT, USA, 2CD) 2002. 2004. LMA_MGD.D_Discography   Super Collider (2013, UMe, B0018470-02, USA, Deluxe Ed) Kurz zuvor hatte Mustaine die Band Metallica verlassen. Back To The Start (2005, EMI-Capitol, USA, Promo) 1985. Cryptic Writings (1997) peaked at number 10 on the Billboard 200, and became the group's sixth consecutive studio album to be certified platinum in the US.

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