For the region of Italy under Yugoslav military administration 1945-47, see, "Ticketing + Revenue Update Issue No 112", "Media Briefing Note – Oyster on National Rail", "Contactless payments and Oyster to make travel to and from Gatwick Airport seamless", "Pay as you go travel with contactless and Oyster extends to Swanley", Lower Thames and Medway Passenger Boat Company, Westminster Passenger Services Association,–9&oldid=997324792, Rail transport stations in London by fare zone, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, January 1997: Debden and Theydon Bois moved from Zone A to Zone 6, Epping moved from Zone B to zone 6 and Moor Park moved from zone A to zones 6 and A, January 1998: Amersham and Chesham moved from zone C to zone D, January 2004: Watford moved from zone B to zone A. January 2008: Zones A (Croxley, Rickmansworth and Watford) and B (Chorleywood) merged and renamed zone 7. Full registration can be done at a London Underground station, an Oyster Ticket Stop (shop) or a Travel Information Centre: an Oyster registration form must be filled in (either at time of purchase or subsequently). How to Get a Visitor Oyster Card There are three ways for you to obtain a refund on a Visitor Oyster card: Refunds at Tube station ticket machines. This will be cheaper than buying an ordinary ticket between the last station covered by your Travelcard, Oyster 60+ or Freedom Pass and your destination. Just tap in on the circular yellow card reader and tap out again when you finish your journey. However, you must touch in at the start of each journey and touch out at the end to ensure you pay the correct fare - on bus and tram you need only touch in. Brentwood and Broxbourne added to system in new zone 11. Zone 7 consists of the Hertfordshire stations on the Metropolitan Line and the first London Overground and West Anglia Main Line stations outside zone 6. This is because the fare deduction is made on the card and the validators are working properly in terms of Kidbrooke station itself. You can add money to the card at any underground or railway station. There are three ways for you to obtain a refund on a Visitor Oyster card: Refunds at Tube station ticket machines. There are different ways to pay for your travel. A map of rail services where you can use Oyster Pay As You Go is available on the TfL website. Wanted to find out it's possible to purchase Oyster cards at the Tube station at Terminal 2 (rather than have to schlep it over to Terminal 4). The following stations are within zone 9: These zones have their fares set by National Rail companies. Similar to Hong Kong's Octopus card, the Oyster is a prepaid tap-and-go smartcard used on public transport throughout London.. You can use a Visitor Oyster card, Oyster card or Travelcard, as well as contactless payment cards, on all London Overground trains and most National Rail services in zones 1-9. Children aged 11 to 15 can also use a Visitor Oyster card and benefit of the Young Visitor discount – this can be added by a member of the staff at most Tube stations in London and offer children 11 to 15 years old half adult pay as you go rate for up to 14 days. How to pay and where to buy. Oyster system treated my trip from White City to Chancery Lane, and from Farringdon to St John’s Wood as a single trip, as if an out-of-station interchange occurred between Chancery Lane and Farringdon, even though the two stations are not OSI stations. These routes are: the Crossrail route from Iver to Reading; Brookmans Park to Welwyn Garden City and St Albans City to Luton Parkway. You can use Oyster Pay As You Go in London on all suburban trains stopping in Zones 1 – 9 and journeys to: Using Oyster Pay As You Go is usually cheaper than paying cash. Please note you can't use Oyster on the following rail services on any journey starting or finishing outside the Pay as you go area. Of course. Oyster Card Expiration. The Oyster Card works on a pay-as-you-go system. The Oyster card service is set to extend to another Kent station following a change of rail operator. Ask Tilly080845 about London Underground. The Oyster card is a payment method for public transport in London (and certain areas around it) in the United Kingdom. You can get up to £10 refunded from your Visitor Oyster card at Tube station ticket machines. Unstaffed station. To use an Oyster card, touch the card on the yellow reader at the gates as you enter and end your journey. The fare zones are outside Greater London, typically more than 16 miles (26 km) from Piccadilly Circus. The Oyster Card is your ticket to exploring the city and covers all your transport needs. Fare zones 10-15 (or A-F by their hexadecimal number) have fares set by National Rail train operating companies and the zones themselves are not publicised. If you use your Oyster Pay As You Go for a number of journeys, the fare you will pay will be capped below the Daily Travelcard rate. Your overground trains are covered. For daily price capping information see here. Cheshunt added to system in zone 8. For journeys in central London (zone 1), ticket prices are more than 50% cheaper with an Oyster card. They are not included in the validity of National Rail out-boundary Travelcards unless mentioned in the Route section as "AAA LDN ZONE 7-9". The following stations are inside the Oyster zonal system, but special fares apply: The London pay-as-you-go system continues beyond the zones. The following stations are contactless only: "Zone B" redirects here. If you pay with a Visitor Oyster card, Oyster card or contactless payment card, the fare is the same. The zones extend in segments from the boundary of Greater London to the north and west into Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire, to the east into Essex and Kent and to the south into Surrey and West Sussex. January 2010: Chafford Hundred, Grays, Purfleet and Ockendon added to system in new zone 'G'. There are three ways for you to obtain a refund on a Visitor Oyster card: Refunds at Tube station ticket machines You can get up to £10 refunded from your Visitor Oyster card at Tube station ticket machines. Oyster Pay As You Go (PAYG) You can buy an Oyster card from any TfL approved outlet including London Underground stations, and online from the TfL website.. Top up your credit using the self-service ticket machines at any of our stations within the London Travelcard area. There are restrictions.

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