If an elf, gnome, or human is indicated, the character must be created. I like your Reincarnation tables 01 Neanderthal or roll again and add the Ben template 02 Kasatha or roll again and add the Scott template 03 Bugbear 04 Suli 05 Gnoll 06 Vishkanya 07 Samsaran 08 Kitsune 09 Strix 10 Half-Ogre 11-12 Sylph 13-14 Ifrit 15-16 Oread 17-18 Undine 19-20 Grippli 21-22 Svirfneblin 23-24 Nagaji Copy Link. Expanded Reincarnation Table. Suitable for handy one-sheet. Enjoy! :smallbiggrin: 00 - Aarakocra 01-04 - Dragonborn 05-06 - Dwarf, gray 07-11 - Dwarf, hill 12-16 - Dwarf, mountain 17-18 - Elf, dark 19-23 - Elf, high 24-28 - Elf, wood (Cf. Tired of not having ALL the information? Do you dislike that the official 5e reincarnation table gives you a twenty percent likelihood of becoming human? 1.8k. If you target an object, it must be able to fit entirely inside a 10-foot cube, and it can't be held or carried by an unwilling creature. Artist(s) Aaron Lee. Original electronic File Last Updated: May 27, 2018 . Product Information . Do you wish that it included some of the non-base-rules playable races? So, the list in the Reincarnate spell is great, but for DMs who use more than the PHB races, it's a little bit lacking. Rules Edition(s) 5th Edition; Pages . Saved by Katie Urbanczyk. 1 . A D&D3.5e test kitchen. Saturday, June 18, 2011. Here you'll find reincarnation of any given official playable race as likely as any other, and it specifies subraces too! D&D 5E Reincarnation Race Table All current WotC races are on this table that REPLACES the PHB reincarnation race table used with the Reincarnation spell. Format . Reincarnate me! Anyway, without further ado, the reincarnation charts I use:---Choose the table appropriate to the Type of the creature to be reincarnated. Social . Lift your spirits with funny jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, … I took two minutes of my time last night to update it with the new races. Roll on that table. When the corpse is touched, the new incarnation will appear in the area within 1 to 6 turns. Here it is... Purchase of this item includes PDF as well as the module to use it in the Fantasy Grounds VTT software. Alternate Reincarnation. Tweet This. If you get a result that indicates another type, reroll on the indicated table. Reincarnation chart updated (most accurate I could find) A place to discuss the latest version of Dungeons and Dragons, the fifth edition, known during the playtest as D&D Next. This title was added to our catalog on May 27, 2018. sixth level magic-user spell reincarnation.) This spell instantly transports you and up to eight willing creatures of your choice that you can see within range, or a single object that you can see within range, to a destination you select. Low results are animals and vermin, negative results are things like ghouls and dretch, high results are minor celestials. Author(s) Kye You. The table below gives the reincarnation possibilities of this spell: Any sort of player character can be reincarnated. Karmic Reincarnation: You roll on a table that runs from say -50 to 150, with a modifier depending on your alignment at the time of death. Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination. Buy Goodman Games Original Adventures Reincarnated #1 - Into The Borderlands RPG for Adults, Family and Kids 13 Years Old and Up (5E Adventure, Hardback RPG): Board Games - Amazon.com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

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