Sorry for the delayed response. Thought you were finished huh :) ? Set the sharpened nail point to the height of the highest riser. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll get quick and accurate. It’s in these instances where scribing the skirts is a good option. At many lumber yards you can get a cap that matches the top of the base. It has to align with the registration marks you put on the wall. You’ll be using the technique in the article for all but the top tread and riser. I always remember fondly the old guys who generously shared their tricks and techniques with me. (same problem on the bottom if you are doing an inside corner with pie shaped stairs). I don’t think a 1×8 will be quite enough but what I’ve described will tell you for sure. I can’t wait for my kids and grandkids to read that someone thinks I’m a Rockstar ! Gary, Each year the college would completely renovate a dorm. 2). On my Bosch saw I keep the orbital setting to the minmum. If you try the scribing method I believe you’d find it to be fast and efficient. I may clear up some of the confusion. Thom, Now, take the skirt board off the wall, cut the bottom scribe mark, and slide the skirt board down the wall until it rests on the floor. I had never even seen one up close to be completely honest with you. That’s the purpose of the magazine! And I wonder if you could help me to replace “oak stick for a scriber ” Can not find it here. Maybe if I were to get a job requiring a scribed skirt of stain grade material I’d think carefully aboout doing templating it. I will then transfer that onto the new tread. I would also run the base cap on the underside of Installing a stair skirt board before the stairs are installed is the recommended method for installation. I don’t know what you have planned for the top of the skirt board. What a joy to use, and yes in just such an application. Next, fasten each skirt board to the top and bottom of the skirt frame. I agree that the supplement was even better. Gerry, Norm: thank you very much for such a clear explanation and great diagrams. Click here to download it for free from Adobe's site. Sealing edges is particularly critical on closed stairwells when paint is applied to the wall or skirt board. Precutting a long board you lose the straight of the board. and 3 in. Use a coping saw or jig saw to cut out the nosings. Granted, there’s always more room for error when you’re transferring marks from a template to your final skirt. Cut a notch along the bottom of each stringer for space to position it over a pressure-treated 2 in. I think 1×12 x16′ would work for your job but not positive. it’s only MDF skirt, and I’ve got some spare stuff, so worst case it takes a couple of goes, and there is a little bit of gap filler at the bottom with a coat of paint… 8 years later you’re still helping people. Much Thanks, If it wasn’t 11:00 pm, I might have started this minute, lol. Does this matter? One other suggestion is to look on line for a tread fitting jig. However I’ve also used a jig saw set at a 5 degree or so angle. Step 7 Instructions . I should have explained it more thoroughly. Your article would have been handy! once the open side of the stair has been finished. Anything tip: I used blue masking tape to mark the lines of the angles,, easy to see and easy off without messing up my paint. I used to teach them ticksticking and fitting all sorts of panels to a brick , stone, and siding walls. It caused a week’s delay but the truss manufacturer visited the jobsite and concurred that his trusses were incorrect. Tom, I have several handsaws that I keep sharp & available. 1. I had to teach this to my framers. Shadow gaps may be on trend, but the trusty skirting board is still a popular choice. I would look on the under side of the stairs to see if there’s any evidence of movement there. My stair treads protrude past the railing and when we replaced the carpeting, it was easy to see the finish dry wall was not done all the way to the treads and it looks terrible. Having your stairs already assembled helps when installing a skirt board. I discovered that the bottom of the board where it comes to a point – the intersection between the riser and the tread, was “nipped off” or it had that appearance. Just a thought, I’m not losing sleep over it. Stair Skirts #stairs #without #skirt #board #stairswithoutskirtboard Stair Skirts | Ana White.

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