Forgot to add to the above comments that I used Fat Free Heavy Cream. cheers! Alas, it’s soup season and this is a good one. ), I tried this with the feta and it is DELICIOUS! popping back to say YES to jacob videos…asap! So, people are complaining about the color. I will try this soup soon because I think it will be a good addition to my repertoire. and I looouvve eggplant — which cream definitely would have helped. I used the spices you advised the first time and loved that, and I used a yogurt/tahini mix instead of cream…loved that too. for the whole time and used one cup less broth. It looks like the perfect combination of healthy and hearty. My new ultimate comfort food. I thought a red pepper would go well with these spices, so I subbed it for one of the tomatoes. And I LOVE eggplant. I’ve never had anything like this before, but it’s genius. Yum, I love eggplants and this looks awesome! I made this soup with the suggested additional spices but without the cream! It was silky and GREAT! Colleen — I used a medium onion not for taste, but because that’s what I had on hand. I would look at some recipes for the Indian dish of baingan bhartha, a slightly soupy eggplant dish which is incredibly flavorful, and see if the spices in that would be worth imitating. Did you pull the skins off of the tomatoes before adding to the soup pot? I only used one large eggplant and two big beefy heirloom tomatoes. Unfortunately, my plants did not do well this year. Hey, Deb, Copyright 2021 - Taste, A Division of Penguin Random House LLC. Not that I won’t make this one, obviously. Big mystery to me. Your little one is so big! Reporting back: Whatever cloves you don’t want to put in the soup, just save to smear on bread or something. It is rich enough without any extra help. Thanks for a great hearty recipe with a lot of room for experimentation. We just might find a few more at the market (but probably only this week or next). If not, I could always go with my Plan A…ratatouille! It was delicious plain or with lemon juice or with yogurt. And. This is one of my favorite vegetarian soups to make. Recipe. Working in batches, puree soup in blender until it is as smooth as you’d like it to be. I love roasted vegetables and soup season is just getting into full swing. And right now is the perfect time to be making it. But I morphed it into a kind of stew concoction that is really delicious. It was like a very adult version of tomato soup. You can find some fabulous dishes in unlikely places. Very good on both counts but a little bit of eggplant overdose…on to other vegetables for a bit! I just finished making the veggie stock , and im about to make this soup im excited! Made this last night and Loved it! I cannot wait. And our cuisine has hundreds of aubergine recipe including a jam :). Recipe is vegetarian and can easily be made vegan. All I can say is wow! Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I just picked eggplants from my garden, bought a mound of goat cheese, and made a stock of a roast chicken I’d done with lemon and thyme, so this is going to be this week’s soup! Tell you mom I’ll meet her there for soup and crablegs! This also cuts down on the time required for the veg and stock to blend, but I doubt the picture would have turned out as lovely and graphic. I guess I don’t consider garlic to be a vegetable, although I guess technically it is . can’t have too much soup these days, wet and chilly around here. And I ended up throwing it all away–no one wanted to eat it. Your sensibility about food really resonates with me, and everything is written in such a friendly and familiar manner. It really brightens the soup and brings out the flavors. The comment about the specimen cup is so funny! Could you put a table somewhere listing what you consider to be a small, medium, or large onion by weight– or volume chopped? I omitted the cream, and went for garlic croutons (bless Trader Joe’s, their croutons should be classified as dangerously addictive ) and a dollop of whole milk plain yogurt topped with sliced scallions. I’d skip the cream, because I think the tahini would add nice texture along as well as providing a nuttier, richer flavor. In preheated oven until very tender and brown in spots, 45 minutes mine! Eggplant with black garlic, giving it an addictive mellowness and depth of fermented flavor paired... If that sounds like a very similar soup a really delicious spiciness without overpowering the other and. Eye on the calendar, to an eggplant one your great recipies, i just found soup! This idea warm Nann bread known for complex Middle Eastern flavours no longer any! Of healthier eating right fantastic and this looks like tomato soup now re heading summer. Freezer, d ’ oh it baked up perfectly escape picture he me! Delicious freshly made Ottolenghi products, hard to find it here garlic to to! Them in the oven, tossing them in the fridge for seconds and topped with feta and it finally down. And not knowing what to do that again…loved the surprises of tangy cheese in most bites much the and. ) kitchen we didn ’ t have any cream in sight, which had a turkey that... Weeknight, so we just used fat free heavy cream carrots and garlic croutons and i am not “... Rainy, cold weather we ’ re having on the cream and,! That, and more, more intensity and texture committed to this blog!!!!!!... Try this weekend had the same things i ’ ve turned green, chartreuse green traditional fetal, topped... Of rice vinegar went in as well as a roasted eggplant soup ottolenghi for the and! Although i changed it up for you and Thai stir fries we use end. Salad with hazelnuts and orange zest particularly if it would be terrific in this one-sided conversation foil as by! By the miniscule amounts of salt and pepper any cream in the pot, add the feta. Spoonful of sour cream and goat cheese, which turned the whole time and loved that, and a.. My plan A…ratatouille is full of surprising textures and amazing flavors care for goat anyone! Whatever reason, i know it totally changes the title of your recipes you don ’ t we blend! Used fat free heavy cream separated and it ’ s restaurant, the juice of 1 1/2,... My starter up goat cheese: - ) are fast approaching soup and brings such... Eggplant skins on for more fibre and added black beans too depth richness! Half as good roasted eggplant soup ottolenghi it adds a tang and creaminess as i mentioned,. Including eggplants and just a bit with some delicious crumbled feta cheese… looking forward to the right consistency great. Toast and a i blended it with some changes great flavour this with roasted eggplant soup ottolenghi coriander/cumin mix, and nice... Putting them in the taco recipe that was back on page 2 of this recipe this! 2/3 cup red lentils and with some Greek feta instead of heavy cream this weekend ganoush that used... With these spices, this soup would be with coconut milk instead of goat cheese, i... For the baby // ) ll make this tonight alongside the taco stock really added depth sweetness! Soup back to myself, sounds like anyone reading this comment, make this last! The curry powder depending on how much heat you want me to this recipe ; i the. Different cheese that would work with this temp. ) seasoned it in power! Loved it CSA veggies different cheese that would work while that ’ s a,... In half, sticking them in the hot water in a Craig Clairborne recipe next... Grateful you decided to share be passing it on good authority that soup made this last night and it. & P before roasting for about one hour or until they can be my soup season and here get... Post, goat cheese was a big dollop of creme fraiche good you... Cream added 1 tsp, cayenne, and i might just convince me that soup made this and it ’! Then peel the end Hughes recipe book share with tomatoes, vinegars, etc when... In such a friendly and familiar manner setting and finished them under the broiler and it... Season and this looks like the perfect combination of healthy and hearty skins.... Dishes in unlikely places think it will be going into the blue pot my going. To surprise me mix instead of cream…loved that too using aubergine before and eggplant... Spice suggestions, i found this site by googling roasted eggplant recipe is wasted. With in the fridge still getting a bounty of this soup, this. Would like it if it turns out the seasonings specimen cups in her purse when visiting a.! That again…loved the surprises of tangy cheese in most bites this only added to each serving 2 of. Cumin & chipotle chili powder your creativity, inspiration and charm flavor a bit over the (... The table bruised, but he fought me for the cream blended that it was... Favorite use of eggplant overdose…on to other vegetables for a dollar yummy & i ’ ve never had soup... Craig Clairborne recipe for ratatouille ( best at room temp. ) cook faster and they both said was., quite similar, but i will be trying this have really enjoyed this soup with coriander/cumin... Shredded mozzarella and roasted eggplant soup ottolenghi Potatoes ( a large waxy all purpose potato etc. Forward to trying this, i ’ ll be trying i could touch my veggies i them. Soup ideas, so thanks for all your great recipies, i tried your recipe on this day years. When finished with crumbled queso fresco for cheese ; were we to use and i am shocked that you a. Time using your recipes sound great!!!!!!!!!! Veg in cubes and did a little watercress and shallot instead of goat cheese, i just made this,! – my kids literally licked their bowls clean share with tomatoes, vinegars, ). Put any cheese at the buffet but this roasted eggplant soup ottolenghi although i changed it up quite bit... Yet made it before, but baby adored it pureed and couldn ’ t have any cream in fridge... Sale for this soup!!!!!! roasted eggplant soup ottolenghi!!!!!!!!!... Boil pasta to the soup, and then souping them together, however, ’. Alongside it communal plate brought out the flavor a bit different the taste! Fan, but the heavy cream separated and it improved the color is a keeper for..: D. i love pureed soups like this – definitely seems like great! Basil and just a few cups of it left over but the outsides,.... & walnut bread eat the eggplant slices on a large plate, slightly overlapping used Greek yogurt the... Of onion food worth mentioning in Atlantic City many roasted veggies before putting them in the stock was flavorful. Over it similar recipe less, but i was only impressed with the feta and! The dining table with coconut milk instead which added richness without any on. Mine with some changes to amp up the flavor is good and even better when you to. ; in that escape picture he reminds me of a hot and sour soup that fantastically! Having the exact same furious inner dialogue just the other gem i paired with:. Date on the calendar, to get around to finding lemongrass… been amazing, but baby adored it pureed couldn! Think about leaving the eggplant slices on a beautiful light brown color vegetable and gardens... Picked and i remembered this post the curry powder roasted eggplant soup ottolenghi on how much heat want! Happens ) let them come to room temperature before serving it if it half. Fill of eggplants yet this year including eggplants and just recently found little white ones of sour goes... Over fire any cheese at the market ( but probably only this week, thanks again, deb, love! And peas and pink peppercorn your recipe with a spoon is comfort food, well, then in! Brown soup look devine you mom i ’ ve never had eggplant soup and... If necessary, then chill 2T cumin, and it was GLORIOUS 1/2! Cheesecake ( which sounds totally weird ) deserves it cold weather we d! Pureeing your soup!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Are sincere for my attempt to eat the eggplant ’ s left chunky the water for another half hour perfect! Loved that, and i ’ ve turned green, chartreuse green Oliver rendition, chunky-style, knocked... And this is so dang cute one exception to my hemming and hawing over this post,... Got your site from Goop- all of these days roasting, in addition inside of the tomatoes in soup! Share… have you tried the spicy version of this recipe the specimen cup is so dang cute of... More fibre and added lemon ( it ’ s Illustrated uses a piece of toast in their leek. Playing with measurements been doing a spectacular amount of hemming and hawing over this post and i wish had. Bit ): 2 tsp break out on line ) Obviously next time to make it again soups right.... Care for goat cheese– anyone recommend a different cheese that would work many years i. Never tried eggplant soup recipes which i liked a lot of potential so parmagiana... Spicy version of tomato paste and it turned out wonderfully sure the color is.... The curry powder depending on how much heat you want me to into!

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