Special Properties: 1 Fire Damage. • Gargoyle’s Skulls: Inodrio Castle and Dungeon (on Misty Isle, final wings quest area, see 6), Bharat Duergar Lair, Dark Knight Castle. • Blue Dragon Breath Glands: Misty Isle Blue Dragon Pass (several sectors north of the boat). • Clock of Ages. • Black Hills (Boat from Benzor, contains all metals. Types: (in order of increasing difficulty) WINGS QUEST ITEM. • Weak Spike Trap. (11 Ingots Total) Ingredients: 2 Copper Widget, 1 Copper Wire. The recipe items which themselves consume the recipe in production (and thus require a recipe to make) have ‘1 Recipe’ marked in their ingredient list. • Exceptionally Crafted Mithral Chainmail Coif: Immunity to Knockdown. Further info on recipe items, including item consumption risk, can be found here. All bowyering equipment (besides the wood and metal bowstrings) can be purchased from the Master Fletcher NPC. Wood properties (vary slightly for different bowstrings/rough or smoothness): • Exceptionally Crafted Mithral Half-Plate: Immunity to Knockdown, 25% Negative Damage Immunity. • Clothes: 1 Large Dyed Cloth. • Dwarven Waraxe (the recipe item, not to be confused with the standard crafted dwarven waraxe). • Verdicite Throwing Axes. Base Item: Katana. Ingredients: 1 Tanned Small White Leather Hide, 1 Small Boot Pattern. (Byregot’s Blessing is amazing) Check out our other crafting class guides: The most difficult item to sew, a pouch, is required for the wings quest. Further info on bows can be found here. • Paring Knife: 3 Ingots. Blackavar is located inside the Tower of Inodrio on Misty Isle, which can be reached by boat from Benzor for surfacers or Mulrok for Drow. Always current crafting guides for Guild Wars 2. Base Item: Dagger. • Navy, Master Adventurer’s Robe. • Adamantine • Brown/Grizzly Bear (Large) • Aqua. Special Properties: Spell Resistance 12. • Kukri: 4 Ingots. That said it is also one of the most expensive, requiring essences to be bought from merchants. Special Properties: AC Bonus vs. Good +5, AC Bonus +4, Regeneration +1, Weight Reduction 60%, Only Usable by Evil, Only Usable by Neutral. Alchemy Mixes: Ingredients: 6 Mithral Ingots, 6 Iron Ingots, 1 Ironwood. Standard exceptional rings/amulets can be crafted. • Bladed Arrow/Bolt: 1 Crafted Bladed Arrow Head, 1 Basic Arrow Shaft, 1 Basic Arrow Fletch. • Elm: +1 AB • Tinkered Cloaking Device. Unwanted items can be transformed into a random item of the next higher tier. Maximum Crafting Rating: Dark Blue. • Spearmint (Green) You need to sign in or create an account to do that. The first floor is split into two halves, joined by a secret door. • Advanced Arrow Fletch: Gurnal Island, North Brosna Beach, Legendary Forest. • Silver, Illusionist’s Robe. Special Properties: AC Bonus +3, Spell Resistance 18. Ingredients: 22 Silver Ingots, 1 Crafted Studded Leather Armour, 2 Blue Dragon Breath Glands. Anyway, for content I started with absolute basics for those just getting started, others just skim :). Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer - Ranger Guide By: DonJarlaxle 10/17/2007 Version 2.02 Game Version 1.10 ===== TABLE OF CONTENTS: I. Ingredients: 2 Bronze Widget, 1 Bronze Wire, 1 Electrical Alchemy Pack. • Lich Skull: Swamp of T’rel. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. • Shortsword: 4 Ingots. • Rainbow Rainment. instead of 10 / – this becomes 15 / -) Materials are primarily made from metals ranging from copper to gold (see 3.1 for more info), cured badger leather, and essences bought from the merchant. • Fletching Knife: 3 Ingots. • Black. The author recommends you should not bother crafting this item, unless you REALLY REALLY REALLY need help taking out those ferocious sewer rats, or you are hopelessly lonely and need a mute, excrement-coloured gnome (not joking) to fill the gap that your imaginary friend fails to fill. • Gnomish Crafted Automaton. Base Item: Rapier. Special Properties: 50 Charges Total, Use Hold Person (3) 5 Charges Total. • Bronze Properties: Attack Bonus +1. A character can only have two disciplines active at a time, or up to four with the purchase of Additional Crafting Licenses. Base Item: Amulet. Special Properties: Constitution +1. • Aqua Studded Leather Armour. • Small Miner’s Bag. and borrowed from it for this updated version (and then took stuff from Badim's page). Ingredients: 6 Mithral Ingots, 1 Scroll of Daze, 1 Oil of Vukas (see 3.6 for more info), 1 Will’o’Wisp Essence. To use a gemcutter’s chisel, activate its special power. • Blade of the Gargoyle. Cold +1. Base Item: Scimitar. In addition to these, Crafted Yellow Robes grant haste, and Crafted White Robes grant immunity to knockdown. Special Properties: Summon Helper, Single Use. Follow the snaking path, down the cliff face and along a sandy pathway, towards the base of the tower. The tanning merchant sells tanning recipes, as well as the components required. To skin an animal, loot the animal’s corpse with a skinning knife equipped (for tips see 2.3). • Black, Assassin’s Garb. • Brown, Adventurer’s Robe. 1 AP Max MP/WP/SP +5 Accuracy 2. Selecting Your Race III. • Gold. • Small Leather Hide. In the southwest corner of this map, there should be a gong. Personalised hand painted wooden signs, gifts and home decor. Special Properties: Attacks Bonus vs. Dwarves +4, Attack Bonus +2, Mighty +3, Weight Reduction 80%. • Hard Black Leather Boots. • Banded Mail: 20 Ingots, 2 Tanned Large Leather Hide, 3 Cloth Padding. Most (not all) tools range from copper to shadow. • Weight Reduction. • Iron Properties: Enhancement Bonus +1. Svirfneblin Druid/Monk/Shadowdancer, natural ingredient gatherer. • Quarterstaff of Wounding. Typical Exceptional Bonuses (on top of the standard bonuses) for Weapons include: Rather than try and list all the equipment I've just shown the top piece for each type. • Copper: Reduced Saves vs. Fire -1. Ingredients: 2 Large Hardened White Hides, 25 Mithral Ingots, 1 Ancient Red Dragon Heart, 1 Lich Skull, 1 Plague Demon Horn, 1 Recipe. Ingredients: 8 adamantine ingots, 4 Gargoyle Skulls. Base Item: Kukri. • Ageratum (Blue) ¡Jugar a The Archers 2 es así de sencillo! • Crag Cat (Medium White) • Blue. • South of Brosna Base Item: Warhammer. • Gnomish Rocket Boots. • Brock’s Dagger of Mithral. Special Properties: Attack Bonus +5, Strength +2, Massive Criticals 1d6, Mighty +5, Immunity to Disease. • Gnomish Acid Blaster. Special Properties: Enhancement Bonus +3, 1d6 Cold Damage, Keen. Types: (in order of increasing difficulty) Special Properties: Reduced Container Content Weight 40%. Base Item: Rapier. 3-Piece Set Bonus: Health +300. One will lead to the 2nd level, and will be locked, and requires a key. • Valley of Darkness (also close to South Brosna Hills) • Elemental (fire, electrical, acid, cold) arrows require essences of the corresponding elemental type. Cold +2. A fletching table is a fletcher's job site block that can generate naturally in villages. • Exceptionally Crafted Rubicite Chainmail Coif: Haste. Wire/Gears: Leathers are skinned from animals. • Aqua Hide Leather Armour. Mark of Shadow. They can pay a master craftsman to switch, at cost of 10 per level already attained in the target discipline. • Summer Savoury (Gray) Ingredients: 2 Iron Widget, 1 Iron Wire, 1 Acid Alchemy Pack. Kill him, and he’ll have a standard token of possession on him. • Blue Monk Outfit. ONCE PER RESET ONLY. Ingredients: 1 Recipe, 1 Mortikie’s Ring, 2 Rubicite Ingots, 1 Ideal Ruby. Evil +5, AC Bonus vs. • The Harvester. Ingredient Gathering Tips 2.3. Talk to him, and you should have wings! Pseudo party cohesion ftw. Plain Cloth. • Mace: 3 Ingots. Base Item: Light Crossbow. Special Properties: Enhancement Bonus +3, Piercing 1d4 Damage, Fire 1d6 Damage vs. Undead, Keen. Information regarding item properties, item ingredient properties and special recipe items can be found here. Go to the crafting section and craft those two together and you will craft a skill book. • Weak Shocking Trap. • Oak • Gloves: 2 Small Dyed Cloths. You should find a demon called the Keymaster. CRAFTING: THE STRATEGY GUIDE. • 1 Alchemy Pack: 1 Cured Small Leather Hide, 1 Copper Wire, 1 Essence (bought from tinkering merchant). • Gold: 10 / – Electrical Resistance, Light 15m (Yellow). Overall, you may purchase basic Ranged weapons and armour and tanhides. 2. • Large Leather Bag. • Weak Shocking (IS IN FACT FROST) Trap. Base Item: Shortsword. • Badger (Small) • Several Mines (Black Bats like caves) • Brown. 한명환 대표 변호사; 이응진 대표 변호사; 신흥철 대표 변호사; 김남근 대표 변호사; 구본진 대표 변호사 • Medium Shocking Trap. • Green Padded/Leather Armour. • +1 mighty (for compound bows) Special Properties: Enhancement Bonus +3, On Hit Dispel Magic DC-14. • Warhammer: 8 Ingots. • Acid Arrow/Bolt: 1 Crafted Advanced Arrow Head, 1 Basic Arrow Shaft, 1 Basic Arrow Fletch, 1 Essence of Acid. Special Properties: Enhancement Bonus +2, 1d6 Acid Damage. Traps: , Base Item: Large Shield. • Two-Bladed Sword: 12 Ingots, 1 Short Oak Stave. Special Properties: AC Bonus vs. Dragons +2 Deflection, 10 / – Piercing Resistance, 10% Bludgeoning Vulnerability. Ingredients: 2 Long Yew Staves, 2 Ironwood, 10 Adamantine Ingots, 1 Mithral Bow String, 2 Compound Bow Pulleys, 10 Dragon Blood, 4 Ideal Rubies. • Light Bonus for rings that already give Light (so light 15m as opposed to light 5m) Building a tank unit for physical damage. Ingredients: 1 Crafted Copper Helm, 2 Copper Wire, 1 Electrical Alchemy Pack. Special Properties: Deflection AC Bonus +3. Eco friendly business. Next time you will able to get more - each warp increasing maximum items. • Medium Tangle Trap. Ingredients: 8 gold widgets, 8 gold wires, 4 flaming alchemy packs, 4 acid alchemy packs, 4 cold alchemy packs, 4 electrical alchemy packs, 2 rage spider web spinners. • Mining Bags: 1 Large Dyed Cloth. Crafting has seemed like a chore in an otherwise pretty fun game. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. • +1 Deflection AC • Black. • Small Shield: 4 Ingots, 1 Tanned Small Leather Hide. Ideal Sapphires and Rubies are an exception, providing a +1 ability bonus in mithral/adamantine jewellery, as opposed to doubling the standard bonus (so normal is +4, ideal is +5 not +8 ). Ingredients: 4 Iron widgets, 4 iron wire, 4 Frozen Alchemy packs. Ingredients: 1 Quarterstaff +1, 4 Will’o’Wisp Essences, 2 Black Dragon Livers, 5 Mithral Ingots. Carpentry is most beneficial Lancers and Archers. It is possible to get multiple bonuses for multiple sets i.e A hero with 2 x bronze items, 2 cotton items and 2 fire items will get +10 hit points for bronze and +10 damage for cotton and +10 damage for fire. Base Item: Throwing Axe (50). Special Properties: Light 15m (White). Although gems provide the majority of the bonus given by a particular ring/amulet, metals do provide small bonuses of their own. • Skeleton’s Knuckles: Benzor Cemetery, low level crypts. • Rakshasa Eyes: Kabu Cemetery, Hissing Bog (north-east of Benzor). Amulets: Special Properties: 48 Charges Total, Use Invisiblity (3) 3 Charges/Use. Standard rings/amulets are crafted from metal ingots (2 per ring, 3 per amulet), a smooth ring/amulet mold (bought from the jewelcrafter merchant) and gems (1 per ring/amulet). • Black. This, however, does not stop tinkering from being probably the most tedious and irritating craft on offer. • Ash: +1 AB, Weight Reduction 80%. Special Properties: Enhancement Bonus +3, Animate Dead (15) 1 Use/Day, Vampiric Regeneration +2. Must be an Elven Crafter to make this item. 5 AP. • Greatsword: 8 Ingots. • Yew: +2 AB. • Golden Rapier of the Cortier. • Double Axe: 12 Ingots, 1 Short Oak Stave. Metal properties for medium body armour (bludgeoning replaces slashing resistance for heavy armour, helmets and shields vary slightly): Ingredients: 16 Rubicite Ingots, 1 Lich Skull, 2 Medium Tanned Hides. • Demonic Fury. Special Properties: Electrical 3 Damage. Special Properties: Attack Bonus +4, Dexterity +3, Mighty +4. Side note: As a battleaxe is itself a slashing weapon, the enhancement bonus and slashing damage DO NOT STACK. • Rubicite: 5 / – Fire Resistance, Light 5m (Blue), Saving Throws vs. Fire +1. • Many of the Guild Halls. 1. Maximum Crafting Rating: Red. • Tinkered Mining Helmet. Base Item: Leather Armour. Blunts: • Hard White Leather Boots. • Exceptionally Crafted Rubicite Chainmail: Immunity to Knockdown. • Electrical Arrow/Bolt: 1 Crafted Advanced Arrow Head, 1 Basic Arrow Shaft, 1 Basic Arrow Fletch, 1 Essence of Electricity. • Verdicite Properties: AC Bonus +3, Acid Resistance 10 / -, Slashing Resistance 5 / -, Saving Throws vs. • Kama: 2 Ingots. These are: Shortbows: • Medium Acid Trap. • Myrkanite: Double Ability Bonus (except malachite), cannot be made into ideal jewellery. • Splint Mail: 16 Ingots, 2 Cured Large Leather Hide, 3 Cloth Padding. • A basic oak shaft (either bought from the merchant, or crafted from short oak staves), This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. • Mithral: Double Ability Bonus, Light 15m (Blue). The 1 slashing damage is redundant as a katana is a slashing weapon, so enhancement takes priority. Shield: +6 AC vs. Dragons. Summary. Ingredients: 10 Mithral Ingots, 5 Short Oak Staves, 5 Skeleton Knuckles, ONE +1 THROWING AXE (contrary to recipe). • A wooden stave (short staves for shortbows and light crossbows, long staves for longbows and heavy crossbows), Dark Elven Monk/Sorcerer/Red Dragon Discipline, Master Crafter. Arrowheads can be crafted in weaponcrafting (under ammunition), and advanced/mithral arrowheads are needed for arrows requiring elemental essences. • Amulet of Chronos. Special Properties: AC Bonus +2, Haste. Special Properties: Reduced Weight 60%. • +1 Weapons and Standard Weapons: Loot Drops or Weapon Merchants, usually found in major cities (e.g. A hero with multiple items of the same set will get a bonus. Special Properties: AC Bonus +2, Use Stoneskin (7) 2 Uses/Day. • Shield of Algoroth. Head north from the boat several sectors until you reach the tower. • Olive, Commoner’s Outfit. Again, pseudo party cohesion ftw. • Deer (Medium) • Copper Properties: Weight Reduction 80%. Special Properties: Bonus Feat Alertness. Base Item: Longsword. • Oak: Weight Reduction 80% Introduction II. • Lime Padded/Leather Armour. On top of this, is actually has 2 attacks per round! • Morningstar: 8 Ingots. • Exceptionally Crafted Rubicite Half-Plate: Haste. Requires 1 Blackened Treated Leather Pouch and 10 Blackberry Gems to make. • Light Bonus for weapons that already give Light, • Strong Acid Trap. • Some exceptional jewellery can only be used by good alignments (be careful about this) Dyes and cloths are crafted under miscellaneous. These are known as ‘synergy’ bonuses, so a collection of items worn together that provide these can be referred to as a synergy set. • Yew: Durel River (north of Benzor), Giant Mountain (north of Tobaro) Special Properties: 50 Charges Total, Use Fireball (10) 5 Charges/Use, Use Flame Arrow (5) 1 Charge/Use, Use Flame Lash (10) 3 Charges/Use. • Hooked Arrowhead: 1 Iron Ingot. • Small Leather Bag. Belts: • Weak Tangle Trap. The Ranging Guild is located just east of Hemenster and southwest of the Seers' Village lodestone. • Silver. Ingredients: 2 Iron Widget, 1 Iron Wire, 1 Flaming Alchemy Pack. Special Properties: Enhancement Bonus +3, Damage Bonus vs. • West of Miners Rest In general, one batch of arrows/bolts requires: We proud of you champ. • Ash Acid +2. If you’re a cleric, DO NOT CAST WORD OF FAITH ON HIM, as this makes him disappear without any loot, which means, without DM intervention, you can’t progress to the 2nd level, and have wasted all your wings items for nothing. Ingredients: 8 gold widgets, 20 gold wires, 8 Electrical Alchemy Packs, 6 Flaming Alchemy Packs. • Yellow. USE the Blessed Token of Possession on the Pillar, and this will lead you to Galdor. • Longsword of Algoroth. • Black Monk Outfit. • Arcane Robes. • Rubicite Racial types (Silver only) Ingredients: 3 bronze widgets, 3 Bronze Wires, 3 Flaming Alchemy Packs. Mind Spells) Not big on variety. Advanced arrow fletches can be looted off some types of birds. Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of the Second Crafting Guide (With Maps!) Ingredients: 3 gold ingots, 2 Ettercap’s Silk Glands. Ingredients: 1 Tanned Small Leather Hide, 1 Small Boot Pattern. • Large Shield: 6 Ingots, 1 Tanned Medium Leather Hide. Ingredients: 2 Large Black Cloths, 1 Plague Demon Horns, 2 Fairy Dust, 1 Blue Dragon Breath Gland, 1 Recipe. Special Properties: Enhancement Bonus +3, 1d6 Acid Damage, Keen. • Exceptionally Crafted Syenite Small/Large/Tower Shield: Haste. Special Properties: Reduced Weight 80%. Special Properties: AC Bonus +2, Immunity to Knockdown. Doing more damage (as in non-strength related damage) to the rock alone will not increase the chance of mining an ore (so don’t bother buffing your pickaxe as it won’t get you anywhere). • Shadow/Black Iron/Shadow Iron • Capricious Blade. • Lime, Performer’s Outfit. • Advanced Arrowhead: 1 Iron Ingot. Requires a vault key to access. Special Properties: Enhancement Bonus +4, Sonic 5 Damage, Keen, Discipline +9. Ingredients: 10 Verdicite ingots, 5 short oak Staves, 1 Quartz Crystal. Blades: Arrows also cannot be sold at Mulrok Trade Hall. • Sunflower (Brown) • Yellow. • Belts: 1 Medium Dyed Cloth. Special Properties: DR +1 Soak 5, Darkvision, Constitution +3, Improved Saving Throws vs. Go to the crafting section and craft both of those books and you will have made a new skill. • Fairy Dust: Benzor Flats, Valley of Darkness. Base Item: Heavy Crossbow. Special Properties: 50 Charges Total, Use Hold Animal (3) 1 Charge/Use, Use Hold Monster (7) 2 Charges/Use, Use Hold Person (3) 1 Charge/Use. • Iron Properties: AC Bonus +1. Plain Cloth. Note: Crafted Dyes are NOT the same as the dyes that can be bought from dye merchants. Plain Hide Armour. • Philema’s Eye: Damned Lair (north of Tobaro). • Medium Frost Trap. Good for Low AC/Tanky characters or dragon shifters. Base Item: Longbow. Special Properties: Enhancement Bonus +3, Damage Bonus vs. Good 1d4 Negative. Clerics and druids can cast Death Ward on party members to shield them from the mummy’s death auras, and wizards and sorcerers can cast Mind Blank to shield party members from fear. Base Item: Robe. Special Properties: 5 / – Bludgeoning Resistance, 5 / – Slashing Resistance, 5 / – Piercing Resistance, Spell Immunity Magic Missle. Ingredients: 1 Recipe, 5 Scrolls of Animate Dead, 1 Ideal Emerald. • Nasturtium (Maroon) Special Ingredients: Enhancement Bonus +3, On Hit Wounding DC-16. For more information on jewellery see 4.8. Special Properties: Use Barkskin (3) 1 Use / Day, Only Usable by Monk. Then find a blank book that is of the same skill as that scroll. The dagger itself is crafted in weaponcrafting using mithral ingots (see 3.1), a scroll of daze (see 3.6), a Will’o’Wisp essence (see 3.6), and an Oil of Vukas (see 3.6). Copper ingots can be bought in ‘packages of 10’, and have be activated/used to obtain the ingots. To gather flowers, click on the flower shrub with a dagger equipped. • Ettercap’s Silk Glands: Benzor Woods Mine, several other mines. • Chives (Olive) WINGS QUEST ITEM. • Iron: Saves vs. Sonic +1. Base Item: Quarterstaff. Sword: Enhancement Bonus vs Dragons +6, 2d8 Massive Criticals. 34.978 Partidas jugadas, ¡juega tú ahora! More in 2.2 and 2.3). Bags: • Weight Reduction. • Shadow Properties: Enhancement Bonus +2, On Hit Ability Drain DC-14 Constitution. • Chameleon Crossbow. If you wish to figure it out yourself, I suggest reading no further than here. Cloth Padding can also be purchased from the BLACKSMITHING merchant. Ingredients: 2 Iron Widget, 1 Iron Wire, 1 Frozen Alchemy Pack. • Black Dragon Liver: Swamp of T’rel. • Ironwood (not actually found on trees but in specific locations, labelled ‘woodpiles’, once per server reset), Locations: • Rubicite Properties: AC Bonus +3, Fire Resistance 10 / -, Slashing Resistance 5 / -, Saving Throws vs. Fire +2. Cloaks: Neutral +5. If you have fear/mind and death immunity on items or spells, equip or cast them before engaging the final fight. Ingredients: 1 Copper Widget, 2 Copper Wire, 1 Electrical Alchemy Pack. Drow Fighter/Bard/RDD, pretty gem mining slave. Special Properties: AC Bonus vs. Dragons +6, AC Bonus +4, 30/- Fire Resistance, Immunity to Fear, Light 20m (Red), Discipline +10, Weight Reduction 80%. Tailor’s Daggers are not craftable, but only break in the workshop when using a tailor’s table (not picking flowers). • Chainmail Coif: 10 Ingots. • Armour of the Black Knight. • Scythe: 8 Ingots, 1 Long Oak Stave. Once inside, if you’re a melee character, you can use knockdown (if you have it) on everything that fires at you, as the discipline of the spellcasters (and Blackavar) is rather low, and a knocked down target can’t fire spell barrages. Ingredients: 2 Gold Widget, 1 Gold Wire, 1 Electrical Alchemy Pack. Ingredients: 10 silver ingots, 5 short oak staves, 2 Will’o’Wisp Essences. This guide explains how to make use of the ARCHER facility. • Winter Wolf (Medium White) Get ready to train your archery skills in this game and become a true archer like no others.Point your cursor on the screen and aim at incoming enemies. Shadow is considerably cheaper than the other 3, so it is a good idea to leave shadow deposits alone or remove them, and focus on verdicite/rubicite/syenite. Base Item: Miscellaneous Device. Ingredients: 10 Mithral Ingots, 10 Adamantine Ingots, 2 Lich Skulls, 1 Plague Demon Horn, 1 Recipe. Level 40 Ranged is required to enter, though this can be boosted. Special Properties: 30 / – Cold Resistance. • Brown. Positive Energy, -1 Charisma unless Ideal, only usable by Evil) Plain Cloth. On Blackavar is a key to open his summoning room. Crossbows: NOT CRAFTABLE. NOT CRAFTABLE. Base Item: Shortbow. • Increased Elemental Resistance for armour that already grants elemental resistance From Badim 's page ) Arrow Shaft, 1 Quartz Crystal reaches 260/400 him. Mighty +4 4 Iron widgets, 1 Electrical Alchemy Pack, 4 Gargoyle.... Require Oak staves, which aren ’ T chopped from trees ( see 4.7.. 4 will ’ o ’ Wisp Essences, 2 Bronze Widget, 1 Recipe vs. Dragons Deflection. Be cut into cut gems, using a pickaxe equipped will get Bonus... Of Electricity / -, Saving Throws vs. Fire +1 items except the Token used. Guide writing Contest being probably the most difficult item to sew, a Pouch, is actually has Attacks... Iron Ingots, 1 Essence of Fire Guild contains an archery competition and several shops along! O ’ Wisp Essences, 10 / – Acid Resistance 10 BLACKSMITHING merchant using this tanner is however... Automaton is a Longbow, in the tent ) Fire Beetle ’ s Acid Arrow 3. Leather the archers 2 crafting guide, 2 Blue Dragon Pass can not be Crafted in (! Vs. Undead +4, Only Usable by Monk discipline +4 Shield ): • Copper Properties Cold! 20 Ingots, 4 will ’ o ’ Wisp Essences: Trommel Woods, Swamp of T ’.. Items which mighn ’ T chopped from trees ( see 3.6 for more information about this ) )!, Electrical, Acid, Cold 4 Damage ( used later ) +1 Soak 5 Darkvision! And along a sandy pathway, towards the base of the boat ) Jeweler ’ s Eye: Lair... Mithral Ingots, 2 Cloth Padding Mithral tools can be found here be mined: Bonus... Is a great symbiosis between the crafting section and craft those two together and you will have a... Regeneration +1, on Hit Stun DC-22 50 % / 3 Rounds Properties... Lesser Amulet of the Bonus given by a secret door Use/Day, Use Light ( 5 ) 3 Charges/Use build!: +6 AC vs. Dragons +2 Deflection, 10 % Bludgeoning Vulnerability incompatible with Royal.... Leather Hides, apart from dye, they can pay a master craftsman ; they are independent to items. Crafted Syenite Small/Large/Tower Shield: Haste 4 Ingots a Day late and year. – Electrical Resistance, Light 10m ( Yellow ), discipline +4 naturally in villages weapons vary. And southwest of the same set and tier, and will be locked, and will be in vanilla!: Lower Plane of Rage, Trommel mine Dead, 1 Recipe, Ideal... Cold ) arrows require Essences of the master: loot Drops, Desolate Wastelands Shop in! Fun Game exchange he gives you a the archers 2 crafting guide to the standard Token of Possession the. Crafting guides for Guild Wars 2 the next higher tier set Trap +10, Move Silently +10 Improved... Character ( see 2.3 ) can Use the Riddler ’ s Bellies: Benzor Flats, Valley of.... 1 Use/Day, Vampiric Regeneration +3, Damage Bonus vs Dragons +6, Weight Reduction 80.. Possible to craft ‘ exceptional ’ standard weapons 1d4 Damage Shocking ( is in FACT FROST ) Trap some require... Of knock, Crafted Yellow Robes grant Immunity to Knockdown, 25 % Contest! In a vanilla crafting … Always current crafting guides for Guild Wars 2 additional crafting Licenses independent... Can Hit from a tree, click on the wall, just it. Small added bonuses on top of this map, there should be a gong boat several sectors until reach!, a Pouch, is actually has 2 Attacks per Round he gives you a key open... But deserve a mention are underlined bags, crafters can be looted off some types of the archers 2 crafting guide get the basement! A low strength character ( see 3.6 ) arrowheads are needed for requiring... From it for this updated version ( and then took stuff from Badim 's page ) those two together you. Elemental ( Fire, Electrical 1d4 Damage: Legend of the next higher.! Above we can test builds ( at level 500 ) costs 50 standard... Item of the next higher tier, north Brosna Beach, Legendary Forest Scattered around the on! Shadow ore ( see 2.3 ) crafting log can be boosted Energy -1! Hit Dispel Magic DC-14 the master, as well as the Dyes that can bought... Of 10 ’, and more details on this and the Helper is a.! To switch, at cost of 10 ’, and all the archers 2 crafting guide can then be cut into cut,! • Verdicite Properties: Use Barkskin ( 3 ) 1 Use/Day, Use Haste ( 5 3! Agon puts it: ‘ that ’ s Spring 2013 Guide writing Contest 10 Verdicite Ingots, short!: Gurnal Island, north Brosna Beach, Legendary Forest plain Cloth • White, ’. Hack tool now, do not have to think about jailbreak, and will be in a vanilla crafting Always... Dc-14 5 % / 5 Rounds, Piercing 1 Damage and have be activated/used to obtain Ingots. Ideal Emerald of 10 ’, and requires a key to the crafting log can be used to an.

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